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Connecting Through Positiveness

You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Well you also catch more friends the same way. Positivity attracts positivity and learning to embrace optimism will ultimately attract strong and wholesome relationships with people who love spending time around you. You can build a circle that oozes positivity, a source of goodness that feeds into itself. When you need a lift, your community will be there for you, just as you are there for others when they need you.

How do you start making friends and building community through positiveness? You often attract what you share. Being an example of the type of positive friend you desire can draw out others that share the same values. A few ways you can exemplify positive friendship include:

  • Acknowledge what you value in others

  • Show gratitude

  • Offer support and help

  • Be authentic about what you can handle

  • Listen with empathy

Making new friends often requires a bit of courage, so be bold and make the first move! Show others that you are a positive person and they will respond similarly! Here are a few of the ways to remain approachable:

  • Speak positively

  • Use nonverbal cues such as smiling

  • Engage humor

  • Show confidence

  • Pay it forward

Another way to connect through positiveness is to start with common interests and life goals. Finding people that share similar interests or are embarking on similar journeys is a great way to easily connect with people, build relationships, find community, and have similar levels of capacity for relationships. Interacting with people in spaces they value will automatically give you a footing for connection and will also improve the likelihood of positive interaction overall, as they will most likely be more comfortable and happier in spaces of which they have interest.

In a nutshell, being positive is the easiest way to attract positive connections. By being an example of what you want in a friend, outwardly embodying positivity, and seeking out people who share common interests or are seeking similar life goals will help you create deep relationships that will last a lifetime.

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