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Positive Thinking Leads to

Healthy Change

We are excited that you aspire to become a better you! iCan!’s goal is to help you overcome obstacles and transform your thinking to realize that you can accomplish anything and everything you set out to. Together we will increase awareness of your personal power.


iCan! is dedicated to assisting you in overcoming challenges such as addictions, marital/relationship issues, parenting or being a caregiver for the elderly, grief and loss, trauma, and anger management just to name a few. iCan! is here to support and guide you into becoming a better you.

iCan! Is Committed to Individuals, Families and Our Community

The continuum of our treatment strategies, without limits, motivates and leads to: 

  • Improving one's self esteem and self-image

  • Optimizing practice of self-control

  • Reducing behavioral issues, substance usage, and negative social experiences

  • Increasing parental involvement and development of more positive and effective parenting skills

  • Making parental management of children’s behavior more effective

  • Improving family structure and interactions

  • Improving family communication

Learn skills to build and enhance you to become a better you!

New Time-out Skills | Anger to Forgiveness Conversion | Assertiveness vs. Aggression | Problem Solving

Self-Control | Taking Responsibility | Dialectual Behavior Therapy (DBT) | Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

Positive Self Talk | Coping Skills | Anger Management Skills


"From day one they have been awesome. Before they came I was a wreck and I didn't have any direction. They have been a support. There was no pressure. They were just there."


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